Empowering Quality Leaders: The Role of Leadership Training Programs

Over three-quarters of Americans believe that older business leaders aren't willing to pass the torch on to younger or more diverse workers. The problem is that many of today's leaders who are nearing retirement aren't quite sure who should be next in line. This stagnation is creating what some view as [...]

From the Top Down: Building Better Teams With Leadership Training

Leadership training plays a vital role in building strong teams and creating a positive workplace. In fact, research shows that leaders are responsible for 70% of employee motivation and happiness, making them key to a company's success. Here at Results-Driven Leadership, we specialize in unlocking business potential through transformative leadership [...]

The Power of Pilot Testing in Sales Management A Guide for Success

Pilot Testing in Sales Management Click here to watch the video! Welcome aboard, fellow sales trailblazers! Today, we're embarking on a journey into the heart of effective sales management: Pilot Testing. Buckle up as we explore how this seemingly small step can lead to [...]

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Keep It Simple, Leaders Straightforward Management Training Tips

Keep It Simple, Leaders Straightforward Management Training Tips Let me share a scenario from the front lines on how poor communication and management misalignment creates the dysfunction that so many employees suffer the consequences. But let me credit where it is due. Navigating the role of a manager [...]

The Importance of Front Line Managers

Front-Line Managers: The Unsung Heroes of the Workplace First off, let's clarify who we're talking about. These are the folks with titles like Lead, Captain, or Supervisor. They're not quite top management, but they're crucial to the team's daily grind. Some companies see these roles as a steppingstone; for [...]

Finding the Balance: When to Be Firm and Not

As a proponent of Results-Driven Leadership, I'd like to share my perspective on a critical aspect of leadership: discerning when to offer flexibility and when to firmly enforce rules and policies. This balance is essential for any manager aiming to lead effectively and drive results while fostering a positive [...]

When being “Right” is very “Wrong.”

In the high-pressure world of management, there's a seductive trap that ensnares many a well-intentioned manager: the allure of being unerringly "right." It's a mindset that whispers of order, of precision, of the ship sailing smoothly under the unchallenged command of its captain. But here's the rub: this approach, [...]

Simplifying Leadership – Enhancing Your Executive Presence

When we talk about climbing the leadership ladder, having a strong executive presence is like having a superpower. But here’s the thing: it’s not just about getting to the top or making yourself look good. It’s about lifting up the whole team, the whole organization. Results Driven Leadership [...]

Learn the Keys to Being a Great Leader Through Role Playing

In the dynamic world of leadership and management, acquiring new skills is not just about understanding theory but also about practical application. Role-playing emerges as a crucial tool in this context, especially for leadership-related skills. It's a method that transcends traditional learning, offering a unique blend of practice, feedback, [...]

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Unlocking the Power of Employee Recognition

The Key to Effective Leadership and a People-First Culture In today's world of successful leadership, one thing is clear - a thriving employee recognition program is non-negotiable. Why? Because recognition is a basic human need that drives engagement, productivity, and loyalty in the workplace. When employees feel valued and [...]

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How to Assess the Impact of Leadership: From Activities to Achievements

Leadership goes beyond a mere title. It's about initiating change and making a real difference. As a leader, you may often question whether your actions have truly yielded tangible achievements. We are here to guide you in determining if your leadership activity has transformed into measurable accomplishments. Our comprehensive [...]

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The Accidental Managers: How Untrained Leadership Can Damage Companies

Discover the Startling Truth about Accidental Managers In today's business environment, which is getting more difficult every day, effective leadership is more crucial than ever. However, a troubling trend has emerged, with a large number of managers finding themselves in leadership positions without the necessary training or qualifications. These [...]

The Declining Allure of Management: Why so few want to manage

The corporate ladder, with its coveted management rungs, used to be an enticing climb for many. Yet, the latest data suggests that the desire to grasp the title of "manager" is waning. Are we looking at the beginning of the end for traditional management roles? Or does this signal [...]

Lessons in Critical Thinking from Corporate Triumphs and Tragedies

At its core, critical thinking is the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment. It's not just about gathering information, but about understanding and interpreting that information in various contexts. Historical Context: Philosophical Roots and Evolution The foundation of critical thinking can be [...]

How to Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills

A Comprehensive Guide to Critical Thinking In today's fast-paced world of leadership, the ability to think critically is more important than ever. Critical thinking allows us to evaluate information, make informed decisions, and navigate complex situations. But what exactly is critical thinking, and how can we apply it in [...]

Unlock Success: Transform Your Habits for Personal and Professional Growth

Achieving success is not just a catchy idea - it's a vital truth. In a world where our habits shape our actions and shape our future, understanding the power of replacement is essential. This article takes a deep dive into the transformative nature of replacing negative behaviors with empowering [...]

Extreme Ownership in Leadership: Lessons from Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

I'm Vaughn Sigmon, and my journey with leadership has a personal genesis. Raised by a 30-year Army Veteran with a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart from World War II, I have had the privilege of learning about leadership from an early age. My father's influence has guided my [...]

Unlocking Success: Business Coaching for Family Business Owners

Discover the winning blend of tradition and modern coaching for your family business's success. As the very essence of tradition and evolution, family businesses face unique challenges that require tailored solutions. That's where business coaching for family business owners comes in. Navigating the Complexities of Family and [...]

My 11 Tips on How to Be a More Authentic and Successful Leader

In today's dynamic business world, leadership goes beyond simply holding authority and control. It's about nurturing relationships, fostering trust, and embracing authenticity. Leading with heart is essential. Authenticity has now become a vital characteristic of successful leaders. By being genuine, true to ourselves, and transparent, we not only [...]

Becoming More Assertive: A Guide for Introverts and High C DISC Profiles

For many individuals, especially those identifying as introverts or those with a High C DISC profile, assertiveness can sometimes seem like a challenging trait to cultivate. The good news is that assertiveness, like any skill, can be developed and honed over time. Let's delve into how individuals with [...]

Understanding the Difference between Management and Leadership

If you want to enhance your leadership skills and significantly impact your team and organization, this article is designed specifically for you. Transitioning from a manager to a leader requires a mindset, approach, and skill set shift. Let’s explore the key attributes and strategies that distinguish exceptional leaders from [...]

Overcoming the Fear of Giving Difficult Feedback: A Guide for Managers

Providing constructive feedback is a critical aspect of effective leadership. However, many managers shy away from giving difficult feedback due to various fears and assumptions. This can be detrimental to both the team and the organization's overall growth. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind the [...]

Leading with Accountability: Embracing Mistakes for Success in Leadership

Today, let's discuss a vital aspect of leadership that is often overlooked - the power of owning your mistakes and taking responsibility for your team's errors. As leaders, it's easy to let our egos get in the way of good judgment. However, true leaders understand that accountability is non-negotiable. [...]

Unleash Your Team Growth with Delegation

When I began my corporate career, I was filled with nerves and uncertainty. But under the guidance of Ted, a seasoned leader with over 20 years of experience, I quickly learned the power of growth through discomfort. Ted understood the importance of transitioning from a doer to a leader [...]

Are You Ready to Lead? Assess Your Skills for Success

As a manager, it's natural to question if you have what it takes to be the boss. Being in a management position carries tremendous responsibility, impacting both the company's performance and the lives of your team. To ensure you're fully prepared, it's crucial to evaluate your skill set and [...]

Unlock CHAT GPT Potential: Novice Guide

ChatGPT, a powerful AI tool, might seem intimidating at first, especially if you're not too tech-savvy. However, it's actually quite user-friendly and can be an incredible asset once you understand how to communicate with it effectively. With this powerful AI tool, you might feel intimidated at first, but [...]

The Meeting Maestro: A Detailed Guide to Orchestrating Effective Meetings

Dear business owners, managers, and leaders-in-the-making... Welcome to the grand symphony of effective meetings. In this comprehensive masterclass, we’re not merely looking at how to endure a corporate gathering but how to make it resonate with the harmonious chords of productivity and collaboration. Brace yourself for a deep dive [...]

Conversational Ninjutsu: Mastering the Art of Productive Difficult Discussions

Learn how to have difficult conversations with employees, co-workers, and loved ones in a way that leads to productive outcomes. Whether we are dealing with employees who are underperforming, arguing with our spouses, negotiating with a difficult customer, or just using the words "no", or "I'm sorry" or [...]

The Surprising Relationship between Accountability and Workplace Happiness

In the world of management and leadership, the notion of accountability can be a double-edged sword. Some managers fear that holding their teams too accountable will lead to disengagement and unhappiness among employees. However, this case study challenges that prevailing mindset and showcases how high levels of accountability can [...]

7 Solutions to Reducing Stress and Avoiding Manager Burnout

Manager burnout is a pressing issue I want to bring to light because it can critically damage individuals and entire organizations. This typically comes to pass when I, or any other manager, am subject to prolonged bouts of stress, leading to a complete drain of our physical, emotional, and [...]

Talent Mastery Explained

The value of having a competency-based framework in your company. As businesses evolve, so must their approach to measuring employee performance. Using traditional job titles and descriptions no longer suffices. To attract top talent, companies must adopt a competency-based framework. This system identifies the skills and abilities necessary [...]

The 7 Ways Managers are Tanking Their Success

Success is something that everyone strives for, but not everyone achieves. Many of us fail to reach our ultimate goals due to a variety of factors such as lack of motivation, poor time management, or lack of support. However, there are also some things we do that sabotage our [...]

Employee Motivation Mastery: Techniques for Success

As a leader, you know that a motivated and engaged team is crucial for your organization's success. But have you ever wondered why some employees remain unmotivated despite your best efforts? It's because motivation is an inside job - you can't force it from the outside.In this blog, we'll delve [...]

The Secret of How to Lead Gen-Z Effectively

As leaders, managers have always been tasked with the responsibility of motivating and driving their team members to achieve success. However, this challenge has become especially pronounced in recent years as more Gen Z'ers enter the workforce. As a leader, it is essential that you not only understand this generation’s [...]

Authenticity In Leadership

Authentic leadership is a concept that has gained increasing attention in recent years. It refers to a leadership approach that is based on honesty, transparency, and self-awareness. Leaders who practice authentic leadership are able to build trust with their followers and create a culture of openness and accountability. In [...]

The 10 Best Responses When Dealing with a Difficult Person

Being at work can be stressful, especially when you're dealing with difficult people. But don't panic: We've compiled a list of responses that will help you deal with difficult people in the workplace. And if all else fails, don't forget to take a deep breath, count to 10—or 100—and [...]

From Bossy to Collaborative – Can Your Skills Take You There?

As a leader, have you ever found yourself struggling to work with peers and stakeholders who are just as successful and confident as you? Your previous command-and-control style of leadership no longer works, and you're putting your future success on the line. Don't worry; there’s a solution. It's time for [...]

How to Help Superstar Employees Fulfill Their Potential

Do you have a superstar employee who is capable of great things, but you are not sure they can be a good leader? What actions must you take to find out and make a solid bet on the future? What do you need to start developing them? In this [...]

How Leaders Unintentionally Create Roadblocks to Their Team’s Productivity

The true measure of success is getting the job done, not necessarily how long it takes. Leaders unintentionally create roadblocks to their team's productivity by creating confusion about what is a priority and clear guidelines regarding communication channels, allowing autonomy to get their work done without constantly creating conflicting directions. [...]

Learn EXACTLY How to Train Employees

Training employees is an essential part of any organization's success. It helps ensure that employees are competent and confident in performing their duties, ultimately improving productivity and profitability. However, training is only effective when it is done correctly. This training course will focus on the most effective ways to [...]

The ONE Thing All Great Managers Have in Common

“A good mentor hopes you will move on. A great mentor knows you will.” The same holds true for managers. A manager's role should be to nurture their team and sharpen the skills of each individual so there is always someone ready for advancement. When new opportunities arise, [...]

How to Get Your Team to Follow Through After a Meeting

Are you having trouble getting your team to take action after a meeting? It's not unusual for meetings to end with ideas swirling around, but no cohesive plan on how to move forward. So many of us have experienced this feeling of being stuck when it comes to bringing great [...]

7 Traits of Employees that Show Leadership

Do you know how to spot leadership traits of an employee? Are you looking for the signs of a true leader? Someone who inspires others and can think beyond their current state? Here, we'll uncover 7 key traits evident in those with leadership potential. These observable characteristics will help whether [...]

7 Ways Managers Can Create Improved Focus for Their Team

It’s no surprise that people struggle to focus. We’re bombarded with distractions, burdened by unrealistic expectations, and drowning under too many incoming requests. In a world of constant distractions, many employees can't find the focus to get quality work done. A recent survey showed that almost two-thirds admit [...]

7 Errors Leaders Make That Cost Them Employees

Managers should focus on improving leadership in order to stop employees from quitting, as employee turnover could be expensive and disruptive to the business. If employees leave the managers must invest time and money in hiring and informing new employees. This could slow productivity, which can negatively affect [...]

3 Simple Steps to Annual Goal Setting

An annual planning session is an important tool for any organization, regardless of its size or industry. By planning for the coming year, a company can set clear goals, identify potential challenges, and create a roadmap for achieving success. One of the key benefits of an annual planning session [...]

Using DISC Behavior Assessments to Grow Your Career

Whether you’re a new manager, a mid-level manager, or an up-and-coming professional, your personal career development should always be your number one priority. You can take the guesswork out of this process by utilizing DISC behavior assessments to help better understand yourself and how you interact with others. Let’s [...]

Easy Ways To Delegate For Your Leadership Development

Who is running you? Are you running things, or is your job or business running you? Let me share with you some easy delegation tips. Do you feel stressed out and overloaded with too much work? Do you feel like your phone rings all day with questions from your [...]

Do You Have These Leadership Skills?

The solution to the Great Resignation may be found in the manager. Not necessarily is it a societal phenomenon brought on by the pandemic. It has been important for a very long time that you must manage your employees' feelings to be an effective leader. That is the heart [...]

An Easy Method of Improving Performance That Works for All

The topic of performance management can bring dread to managers and employees alike. But a successful system can positively impact the bottom line, provide a path for achieving goals, and increase employee morale. This blog's Performance Management System resources can help implement and maintain a successful strategic process. [...]

The Roi of Investing In Your Management Teams Training

Articulating the return on investment (ROI) of Management Training is highly challenging. Unlike training the tactical side of the responsibilities, gauging the effectiveness of soft skills training for leadership and effective management practices is harder to nail down. New organizational managers' output of their People Skills isn't as [...]

Money Isn’t the Way to Motivate Employees Find Out Why!

Money isn't Always the Answer Research shows that personal recognition is more effective than monetary rewards in maintaining long-term performance. Yet many managers steer away from performance-based rewards because they’re seen as expensive. There are several valuable approaches for supporting and encouraging high individual performance. For example, [...]

10 Interview Questions To Solve Your Hiring Mistakes

Try these questions for improved Hiring Success 1. Tell me about how you worked effectively under pressure. Type of response you are looking for: I worked on a key project scheduled for delivery to the client in 60 days. My supervisor came to me and said that we [...]

It’s All About These 5 Steps to Balanced Leadership

Most great leaders recognize that you are in the people business no matter what business you are in. Now let's talk about balance. People often debate what makes a better leader: the no-nonsense, results-focused type or the motivational, people-focused type. New research has provided the answer--neither. James Zenger [...]

Easy Ways To Delegate For Your Leadership Development

Who is running you? Are you running things, or is your job or business running you? Let me share with you some easy delegation tips. Do you feel stressed out and overloaded with too much work? Do you feel like your phone rings all day with questions [...]

Have You Heard? MEETINGS WITH BOSS Is Your Best Bet To Grow

Find out what the boss wants and then give it to them! Have you ever heard that term before? Are you working really hard, achieving exceptional things, and yet still somehow failing to move forward in your organization as quickly as you would like? It may be that [...]

How to Get to the Decision Maker

Step 1 | Identify the type of screen you’re facing There are two types of screens: The investigation screen and the blind screen. Then there’s the blind screen -- the gatekeeper hardly asks you anything at all apart from your name. If your name is not instantly recognizable, [...]

7 Components to Make Job Descriptions Effective

YES! Job Descriptions are Important! Let’s face it. It’s hard to get the right person for the job. It’s even harder when you don’t know exactly what that job is. Job descriptions are tough. In my travels, I’ve found most job descriptions to be inadequate at best and [...]

10 Minutes to Create Results Driven Communications

Better Communication will Transform Your Results Most managers tread water in the areas of communications that directly impact on the results of the organization. These managers have plans, but, all too often, fail when it comes to making them happen – this is in part due to inefficient [...]

Prioritizing the Priorities – 6 Ways to Make Time Work for You

It’s funny how we talk about time – we spend it, save it, buy it. Time is money, and even when we have “free time,” well, it’s not really free is it? As a business leader, time is your greatest asset – and probably your biggest challenge as [...]

5 Reasons Your Staff is Leaving You

Business, like life … isn’t always fair. That’s why there are industries that, historically, experience high turnover rates. And restaurants top the charts. In 2017, this industry saw a turnover rate of about 70 percent, with retail around 60 percent, transportation around 40 percent and technology and professional services [...]

7 Ways to Keep Your Team Motivated and Inspired as the COVID-19 Nightmare Continues

Leadership needs new tools to re-energize their teams. It is no surprise that inspiration, motivation, performance, and overall well-being are lacking for many. As we continue to flip the calendar to yet another month of this Covid-19 debacle, it is no surprise that inspiration, motivation, performance, and overall [...]

Ensure You Are Hiring Top Talent. Follow These Steps and Win!

It is shocking how many hiring managers and executives have poor skills when interviewing for talent. In my observations, it seems that in most cases, this key and the essential process have been self-taught, and they have not taught themselves very well. As my mantra always goes, “No [...]

Know Your Worth. Learn 3 Ways to Stay Above Your Paygrade

A new year is here, and if you’re like me, you’re already thinking about how much you want to accomplish in 2022 – and the limited time you have to do it. If you find yourself whining that “there aren’t enough hours in the day,” know you’re [...]

10 Reasons Good Employees Quit

When there is a problem, look at leadership first. Retail does not have a good reputation for being a long term employment opportunity. The industry enjoys one of the highest employee turnover ratios of all industries, with maybe the exception of a few. Hospitality and Car Dealerships. Hey, I’ve [...]

4 Best Steps to Hiring a Winner!

Open Position … Perfect Canidate! It is shocking how many hiring managers and executives have poor skills when interviewing for talent. In my observations, it seems that in most cases, this key and the essential process have been self-taught, and they have not taught themselves very well.As my mantra [...]

Identifying Destructive Behaviors in Your Employees

Caving into Destructive Behavior of difficult personalities by sticking your head in the sand and hoping that the problems will go away is a sure way to sabotage your impact. Dealing with Difficult People As a manager in the healthcare industry, there will often be times when [...]

Overcoming Challenges During These Difficult Times

Business Growth Café with Special Guest Tony Penn A podcast where insights and actionable steps are shared to incorporate into your business. While we tend to think of sales and marketing as the drivers of growth, the reality is, there are multiple factors that can impact the growth [...]

Creating an Environment of Trust

Successful businesses are built on relationships, and at the foundation of all relationships is trust. Without trust for each other and their leaders (you), your team will never truly engage, and your company will never have the kind of culture that drives success. Engaged workers bring creativity and passion [...]

3 best practices for keeping employees

I’m always hearing my clients, as well as others in various businesses, complaining about the lack of qualified applicants to hire. They blame everything and everyone; low unemployment, poor quality schooling, and of course, the ever-popular, “entitled and lazy millennials”.  Fact is, while finding great people is a [...]

Hiring Top Talent – 6 Mistakes and 6 Best Practices

So life is good, your business is growing, your customers seem happy and money is starting to roll in. You’re moving at a million miles per hour and, of course, you know you need the right people or you won’t be able to continue. So how do you [...]

Feeling stressed? You’re not alone.

According to research, the percentage of Americans who are stressed at work is ridiculously high, and it’s only getting higher. According to the CDC’s National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, studies have found the number of Americans who are “extremely stressed at work” range between 29 percent [...]

Dealing with Difficult People

Everyone has met that person – or people – who fills you with so much frustration want to pull your hair out – and, unfortunately, sometimes you even have to work with them. I’ve encountered more than my fair share of difficult people – those who don’t [...]

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